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Burdem Plastik is a modern company that specializes in manufacturing of all kind of plastic products including bathroom products, kitchen products, products for childrens and in general products for your home or office needs.The company has been gradually developed throughout stages and of course many general factors have influenced in negative or positive changes. However we always managed to push forward and come out with great results. Why ? Because our secret is one and only : Client satisfaction. With this in mind, we've learned that the focus and hard work we put on developing great products is worth it when you see clients knock at your door satisfied and happy. This is what keeps us balanced and successful.

The Technology

To achieve such great products we use the most modern technology. These technologies are precise and of high stability helping us maintain and smoothly track the development of a product from the beggining to its final stage. However before finalizing the results tests are done on each product based on set of rules for its stability quality and safety. Our company produces different kind of models and designs for different needs. Colorful materials are applied to match the atmosphere in your home. Do not hesitate to visit or contact us for anything you might need.

Board Members

All of our work is successfuly cooperated and managed by our amazing team of engineers, employers and board members. These people always show their will for great and professional work. They are responsible for our company hitting the #1 plastic producing factory in our country. We are always open for any kind of business including local or global markets. We expect you, we work for you, contact us as soon as you feel the need for our services. You can reach us in all kind of electronic forms provided in this site. Thank you for your cooperation and business - Burdem Plastik Team

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